Membership in the Environmental Defense Alliance is for persons who support the purpose and mission of the Alliance.  Membership benefits both the Alliance and the member or member organization.  Members provide a base of support for the Alliance and members give Alliance legal standing needed to pursue actions.  In turn, the Alliance does legal and policy work needed to protect members, their communities and the environment.  Members provide the Alliance with input that the Alliance may seek to prioritize and make its actions more effective and members can choose to advance those actions by assisting with efforts in their local communities.  The Alliance retains the right to remove members whose actions are not compatible with support of the Alliance's purpose and mission.

Life-time membership is available to individuals for $25.00 and annual membership is available to nonprofit organizations for $100.00 per year.  (If you wish to make a donation to the Alliance without becoming a member, please click here).  By sending the membership application below, you affirm that you support the purpose and mission of the Alliance.  The purpose of the Alliance is "to further the conservation, preservation, protection, maintenance, improvement, and enhancement of human health and the environment on behalf of its members and the public."  The mission of the Alliance is "to strategically use law and policy to protect human health and the environment."

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